Colombia: ITUC condemns unionist's murder

The following is an abridged from a January 29 International Trade Union Confederation statement. Visit <> for more details.

The ITUC has protested to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe over the murder of prison officers' trade union leader Yebrain Suarez at his home on 28 January. Thirty-two-year-old Suarez was shot in the doorway of his house by killers who were waiting for him on his return from work.

The ITUC, which represents 168 million workers in 155 countries, has joined its affiliate, CGT Colombia, in calling for the government to take immediate action to investigate the crime and bring the murderers to justice.

"Colombia has a long and appalling record as the most dangerous place on earth for trade unionists, with dozens of killings taking place each year. Only a tiny fraction of these have been investigated properly. The government must fulfill its responsibility to protect trade unionists and end the culture of impunity which has reigned for so long", said ITUC General Secretary Guy Ryder.