Che as fashion label


For the capitalists, Che is a marketing gold mine, his face being used to launch a thousand products:

  • Wear a Che Swatch watch;

  • Go to a Che theme night at pubs like Bonaparte's Hotel in Brisbane;

  • Follow Kate Moss by wearing a designer Che T-shirt;

  • Or buy Stussy's version of the Che T-shirt;

  • Protect your lips with Che lip-balm;

  • Wear Kirk Original glasses, promoted by Che (or at least images of him);

  • Shop at boutiques in London adorned by Che's face;

  • Buy Harper's Bazaar for its Naomi Campbell photo-shoot in Cuba;

  • Buy Duffer's products as it celebrates the Cuban revolution; and

  • Get yourself a pair of Che socks, boxer shorts and underpants.