Union defends tenants SYDNEY — Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union members joined a picket at a Glebe Point Road boarding house on December 1 to protest against the threatened eviction of two tenants. It is believed the owner wants to
WTO protest in Brisbane By Martin Schenke BRISBANE — About 50 people protested against the World Trade Organisation on November 30, outside the Stock Exchange Towers. Called by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the action was in
By David Bacon SEATTLE — Those who marched or stood or sat in the streets here last week made history, and they knew it. And like the great marches against the Vietnam War, or the first sit-ins in the south in the late '50s, it was not always
Troops attack West Papuans By Linda Kaucher Indonesian military forces shot protesters trying to prevent them lowering the West Papuan independence flag in the south coast town of Timika on December 1. Approximately 30 people were injured by the
Conference discusses US role in Colombian conflict By Jorge Jorquera QUITO, Ecuador — On November 25-26, more than 60 international delegates and 300 Ecuadoran human rights and social justice activists met here at the Conference for Peace and
Correction The article "Victimised unionist garners support" in Green Left Weekly issue #387 reported that an Australian Bureau of Statistics NSW sub-delegates' committee meeting voted unanimously for a motion in support of Organising Works trainee
Tas Labor stalls on teacher salaries By Alex Bainbridge HOBART — The state branch of the Australian Education Union has called on the government to implement its pre-election promise to introduce a "salary nexus" between teachers in Tasmania
By Russell McGilton MELBOURNE — Fifty or more armed police lined up outside of the departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Industry ready for a surge of angry anti-World Trade Organisation (WTO) demonstrators on November 30. However, the
By Jim Green Australia faces "massive economic, environment and social challenges" due to excessive concentrations of salts in soils and waterways, according to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Arresting the
By Chris Atkinson His image is widely recognised, but most people know little about his incredible life. This is no accident. Che's life is a story of a commitment to fighting all the values that capitalist consumer society imposes. Che's image
CFMEU demands justice for retired worker By Tom Flanagan SYDNEY — Sixty members of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union occupied a furniture factory in Milperra, south-west Sydney, on December 1 to demand that 61-year-old Heather
By James Vassilopoulos CANBERRA — In the same week that the federal ALP voted for corporate tax cuts and the new racist refugee laws, the ACT Labor Party voted to reintroduce rank and file preselection of its election candidates. A special ACT
Helping By Brandon Astor Jones "Just as [we] made a successful commitment to ensuring that every child has access to public education starting at age 5, we must commit ourselves to ensuring that in the 21st century every child in America has
Poll victory will test Alliance By Eva Cheng The November 27 poll in New Zealand gives the balance of power to the centre-left Alliance (which received 8% of the vote and will gain 10-11 seats, depending on the special votes). This will give this
Scottish socialists see good growing weather Lisa Young and Pam Currie GLASGOW — The Scottish Socialist Party exploded onto the political scene in 1999. Tommy Sheridan's election to the Scottish parliament represents a major breakthrough for a
Sound the trumpet And so this is the last edition for now as we turn toward the future with a degree of something or other. On the Y2K thing, we're expectant. Come the end of the year/decade/century/millennium we could see in the new year on


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