Left-of-centre coalition wins in New Zealand By Murray Addison AUCKLAND — The elections on November 27 resulted in a swing to the left, giving a left-of-centre coalition of the Labour Party and the Alliance sufficient seats in parliament to
See you next year This is the last issue of Green Left Weekly for 1999. The next issue will be published on January 19 — don't miss it!
Rally supports indigenous education By Robert Milne DARWIN — Seventy staff, students and supporters rallied at the Northern Territory University (NTU) on November 26 to protest the sacking of more than half of the staff in the Faculty of
To add your name to the following petition or obtain copies for wider distribution, please phone (02) 9690 1230, fax (02) 9690 1381, or e-mail <glw@greenleft.org.au>. In 1997 Australia became infamous because of the rapid rise of the
Coincidence in media-land? By Sean Healy The editors of the establishment newspapers — especially the "quality" broadsheets — claim that their editorial decisions on what is, and isn't, news are not influenced by the business interests of
The future of Pakistan's military regime By Farooq Tariq The new regime of General Pervaiz Musharraf argues that the Nawaz Sharif government, which it overthrew in a military coup in October, was not able to save the system from a total
By Sean Healy In a bitter irony, parliament has presented its new laws and regulations governing asylum seekers as part of a "solution" to the "refugee problem". They are nothing of the kind: the new regime will make it almost impossible for most
NZ judge supports asylum seekers By Murray Addison AUCKLAND — Asylum seekers at Auckland's Mt Eden Prison have been released after a High Court judge told the Immigration Service on November 30 that the men may have been wrongly jailed. The 16
Keep your finger on the pulse Just because Green Left Weekly is taking a break for the next six weeks, you don't have to lose touch with what's going on in the green and left movements. Green Left Weekly's TV show in Sydney (on channel 31) will
By Zanny Begg Che Guevara was made head of the National Bank of Cuba in 1960. As head of the bank, and later director of industry, Che wrote a lot about the planning of a socialist economy. Implicit in Che's writings on human socialisation and
By Phil Shannon The ballot for a new certified agreement in the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care concluded last week. The result was a resounding "no". Sixty per cent of staff rejected the shabby agreement, which provided for a very
Actively Radical TV — Sydney community television's progressive current affairs producers tackle the hard issues from the activist's point of view. CTS Sydney (UHF 31), every Sunday, 9-11pm. Ph 9565 5522. Access News — Melbourne community TV,
Orwell, Darwin-style By Bridget Riggs DARWIN — Using creative licence and a line from George Orwell's famous book Animal Farm, a new musical collective of the same name is attempting to combat the "all bands are equal, some are more equal than
Dockers There is one talent which the British ruling class possess in abundance, and that is their ability to produce propaganda denigrating their opponents, whilst pretending that they are interested only in revealing the truth. The film
By Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — While continuing its war in the Caucasus, Russia is due later in December to elect the national parliament. Few people show much interest in the elections. The numerous parties and blocs have had trouble scraping
By Allen Myers What's in a number? Nothing, really: 2000 (or 2001 by some calculations) is no more or less significant than 1997 or 2016. But as the new year approaches, the media are overflowing with stories on the biggest/best/shortest/most


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