Changing the news


Green Left is not only a newspaper. Its purpose is not simply to report the news that others do not print. Green Left seeks also to change the news.

It is with this in mind that Green Left has campaigned against the woodchipping of old-growth forests since the decision was made in December to renew and extend export licences. We have sought not merely to report the rage and indignation, not merely to report the rallies by thousands in every capital city. Rather, Green Left Weekly has sought to build the rallies, to swell the indignation and to facilitate a network between activists around the country.

In all seven issues published this year, Green Left has campaigned against woodchipping. We've rebutted the industry's false claims that stopping woodchipping will cost jobs. We've challenged the environmental peak councils' claims that people no longer want to rally. And we've presented factual, up to date information on the strength of the growing campaign.

Little wonder then, that the issues of Green Left produced since the woodchip campaign began have been among the best distributed in Green Left's history. Over the last six issues, the Democratic Socialist Party and Resistance alone have distributed over 30,000 copies of the paper — many of these at anti-woodchipping rallies.

As a newspaper, Green Left Weekly is also a campaigner, an organiser and an educator. And all that on a shoestring. The success of Green Left Weekly is a tribute to the will of those campaigning for change. Whether you're an activist against woodchipping, for women's liberation or for any other progressive cause, Green Left Weekly is your newspaper. n