CFMEU considers Israel boycott

SYDNEY— On April 24, more than 30 organisers and officials from the NSW Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) heard a presentation on the Palestinian resistance and the growing movement for boycotts, divestments from and sanctions against Israel (BDS). The presentation was given by activists from BDS Sydney and the Gaza Defence Committee.

The president of the construction and general division of the union, Peter McClelland, introduced the presentation. He outlined the CFMEU's proud record of supporting international struggles for justice such as the East Timorese independence movement and the campaign to overthrow apartheid in South Africa.

The CFMEU also has a position of support for Palestinian self-determination.

The construction and general division of the CFMEU is now considering joining the global BDS campaign against Israel and, if they do, which companies supporting Israel they may target.