This is a video explaining the current situation in Nepal and providing a glimpse into the mass resistance on the streets to the elite’s "soft coup" to bring down the Maoist-led elected government
Statement by the Democratic Socialist Perspective, May 5, 2009. www.dsp.org.au
“Since April 9, an uprising has been occurring in the Peruvian countryside involving the Amazonian indigenous peoples from 1350 communities and a diversity of ethnicities”, said legendary peasant leader, Hugo Blanco in an important message. A translation of Blanco’s appeal for solidarity with this so-far mostly unreported struggle is printed below.
Thousands of workers across the country rallied on April 28, including more that 15,000 in Melbourne. The rallies protested the Rudd government’s maintenance of the anti-union Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), which was established by the previous government of John Howard.
On April 28, the Greens on Campus and the Law Students Society hosted a forum on the University of Melbourne with Greens Senator Bob Brown.
The nightmarish prospect of a scarred Amazonian jungle reeking of diesel fumes from end to end, as heavy-laden trucks thunder by in round-the-clock convoys, is fast becoming a reality.
Papalote will be touring NSW this month. Musica Viva’s CountryWide has offered this renowned group shows in Cobar, Brewerina, Lighting Ridge and Warren.
More than 50 people gathered outside the Mercure Hotel in Hobart on April 30 where Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and state premiers met for the Council of Australian Governments forum.
I recently spent a week talking to people in Rolpa, an especially underdeveloped hilly district in Nepal’s mid-western region.
The Kimberley Land Council has made a controversial in-principle agreement with Woodside Petroleum and the federal and WA state governments to develop a liquefied natural gas project at James Price Point near Broome.


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