This is a video explaining the current situation in Nepal and providing a glimpse into the mass resistance on the streets to the elite’s "soft coup" to bring down the Maoist-led elected government
Statement by the Democratic Socialist Perspective, May 5, 2009. www.dsp.org.au
Confronted by the global economic crisis and a sharp drop in oil prices, the Venezuelan government has launched an offensive against corruption as part of its austerity drive.
On April 29, PM Kevin Rudd announced an extra 450 troops would be sent to Afghanistan to participate in the latest US-led “surge”.
The government and most of the mainstream media want Australia to believe we are facing a “surge” of asylum seekers, threatening Australian borders as they arrive in dangerous and non-seaworthy boats.
The same day that Venezuela announced the withdrawal of its ambassador from Peru, a Palestinian Authority (PA) embassy was inaugurated in Caracas as the two governments officially opened diplomatic relations.
Darwin’s Sacred Cause: Race, Slavery & the Quest for Human Origins
By Adrian Desmond & James Moore
Allen Lane, 2009
485 pages, $55 (hb)
Despite the economic crisis, the Australian government has announced it will increase military spending by billions of dollars over the next 20 years.
Papalote will be touring NSW this month. Musica Viva’s CountryWide has offered this renowned group shows in Cobar, Brewerina, Lighting Ridge and Warren.
Anti-desalination campaign group Watershed has called a protest for May 9 at the site of the proposed desalination plant in Wonthaggi, Victoria. The slogan of the protest will be, “If they build it, we all will pay!”


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