Candlelight vigil for Julian Assange

Candlelight vigil outside parliament house in Canberra on November 29.

ACT Friends of Wikileaks released this statement on December 1.


ACT Friends of Wikileaks held a candlelight vigil outside Parliament House on November 29 to show the government that there are many Australians who want them to act to protect Julian Assange’s human rights, and who are appalled at the government’s lack of action in the face of extraordinary and unprecedented abuse of the rights of one of its citizens.

Many people from around the country and overseas sent messages of support and messages to the government, including a number of prominent people.

Participants at the rally placed 1900 tealight candles to create the message "Free Julian".

Assange has now been held without charge for 725 days — 162 days in the Ecuadorian embassy.

An "active, ongoing criminal investigation" into Assange and WikiLeaks has been underway in the US since 2010.

US officials have told the Australian Embassy in Washington that the investigation is "unprecedented in both its scale and nature".

Declassified US Air Force counter-intelligence documents show that Assange has been designated an "enemy of the state" by the US military.

ACT Friends of Wikileaks calls on the Government to stop this appalling charade and use its political and diplomatic power to obtain a written guarantee from the UK and Sweden that neither country will agree to extradite Assange to the US.

We also call on the Government to state publicly that if Assange returns to Australia he will not be extradited to the United States from here.