Candidate slams corporate polluters


On July 21 the East/Hills branch of the Socialist Alliance pre-selected Annolies Truman to run for the seat of Pearce in the up-coming federal election.

That afternoon, at a branch film screening of An Inconvenient Truth in Darlington, Truman explained the alliance's approach to the climate change crisis. "While Al Gore's film graphically exposes the effects and consequences of global warming, it refrains from pointing the finger at the real culprits — big companies which pollute the environment with impunity in their pursuit of profits", Truman said.

"The Socialist Alliance is calling the situation what it is: an emergency! We need to take climate action now. We say we have to set the greenhouse gas reduction targets that the planet needs, rather than those tolerated by the polluting industries. Some of the solutions we're proposing are to phase out coal, ban nuclear and develop renewables now. We favour free and frequent public transport, organic agriculture and protection of old-growth forests."

"Above all, we propose democratic involvement in decision-making at all levels", she explained. To find out more visit