Brisbane rally for Tamil refugees

Over 100 people rallied in Reddacliffe Place on November 12 in the first action planned by the newly formed Tamil Refugee Action Group.

Speakers included Sri Lankan doctor Brian Senewiratne (who spoke about the history of Tamil oppression), Greens member Andrew Bartlett (who pointed out that popular opposition to the Howard government's anti-refugee regime can be repeated) and Fr Pancras Jordan (who made an impassioned plea for justice for Tamil refugees).

More photos on the Green Left Facebook page.

Over 100 people rallied for justice for Tamil refugees
#NoReturnToDanger was the hashtag promoted by the action
Brian Senewiratne talked about his new book at the end of his talk about the history of injustice against Tamils
Tamil Lives Matter
Pancras Jordan made an impassioned speech
Welcome Tamils
No returns to danger
Andrew Bartlett pointed out that when Howard controlled the senate after the 2004 election, the only piece of legislation that could not get through the senate was anti-refugee legislation. This was due to the popular opposition.
It is not safe for Tamils to return to Sri Lanka
Brisbane demonstration