On the box


Many Tongues: One Voice – Looks at how communities are retrieving their dormant languages and maintaining these languages through promoting and teaching not only Aboriginal youth but all Australians. ABC1, Friday, September 25, 6pm.

The Professor – Marcia Langton is known for her work in several academic fields and as an advocate for Indigenous rights, social justice, and Indigenous artistic expression. ABC1, Sunday, September 27, 1.30pm.

Athens: The Truth about Democracy – Can Athenian democracy live up to its reputation as the birthplace of freedom, equality and free speech? ABC1, Tuesday, September 29, 8.30pm.

Darwin's Dangerous Idea – Examines the dramatic impact that Charles Darwin's work has had on today's religious, scientific and social debates. SBS1, Sunday, September 27, 9.30pm.

US Debt: Ten Trillion and Counting – Traces the politics behind the mounting US debt and investigates what some say is a looming crisis that makes the current financial situation pale in comparison. SBS1, Monday, September 28, 1.30pm.

The US vs John Lennon – Looks at the efforts of the US government to silence one of rock and roll's most outspoken war critics, with the Vietnam-era struggle between the Richard Nixon administration and iconic peace activist John Lennon. SBS1, Tuesday, September 29, 10pm.