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Message Stick: Broken Borders — What impact is urbanisation having on Indigenous Australians and what does this mean for the future of Aboriginality? ABC, Friday, July 7, 6pm.

Inside the Orange Revolution — Focuses on individuals' stories behind the political turmoil in Ukraine. SBS, Monday, July 10, 2pm.

Blackboards — Kurdish travelling teachers come across children employed to smuggle contraband goods as well as a group of Kurds trying to escape Iraqi chemical bombs. SBS, Tuesday, July 11, 1pm.

How to Plan a Revolution — Follows Murad and Emin on their campaign for a democratic Azerbaijan with the upcoming elections. SBS, Tuesday, July 11, 8.30pm.

The Burden of Innocence — Examines the plight of long-time prison inmates that have been recently exonerated by DNA testing, without any financial assistance from the states that imprisoned them. SBS, Thursday, July 13, 2pm.

Dirty War — Since 9/11, the US has moved to establish more military bases in more countries as a key strategy in its "war on terror". Meanwhile a global toxic horror story is emerging from those living near present and past bases in the US and overseas. SBS, Thursday, July 13, 8.30pm.

From Green Left Weekly, July 5, 2006.
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