In an earlier column, I wrote that capitalists, unlike earlier ruling classes, have no motive to preserve the environment because their exploitation is based on value rather than on physical products. Where the feudal lord sought grain or fine
The following is an abridged version of a statement issued on June 23 by the Laban ng Masa (Struggle of the Masses) coalition of left-wing political and social movemen t activists. Under President Gloria Arroyo's government, at least 124 leftist
Jim Green The military and its civil arms have a history of forcing uranium mines, nuclear reactors, radioactive waste dumps and nuclear weapons tests on Indigenous peoples' lands. This history of radioactive racism is one of oppression, but also
Doug Lorimer On June 25, the US-backed Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al Maliki, announced before the Iraqi parliament a 24-point "national reconciliation" plan, ostensibly an "olive branch" to Iraqi resistance fighters. At a Baghdad press conference
Graham Matthews, Sydney Workers employed at the Esselte stationary warehouse in Sydney's south-west suburb of Minto have been "offered" individual contracts (AWAs) that would give them a pay rise of $47, but cut 18 allowances they currently enjoy,
The following reports give a flavour of the June 28 national protest against Work Choices around the country. Karen Fletcher reports that between 80,000 (police estimate) and 150,000 (Trades Hall estimate) workers gridlocked central Melbourne
Kerry Smith Single parents and their children face income cuts of $20-$50 per week from July 1 as government changes to income support, child support and family law take effect, Dr Elspeth McInnes, convener of the National Council of Single Mothers
On July 2, elections for a constituent assembly and a referendum on regional autonomy were held in Bolivia. A week earlier, Pablo Stefanoni spoke with President Evo Morales about the new assembly and Morales's first five months in government. The
Alex Miller, London Some 220 members of the University and College Union (UCU) met at the London Metropolitan University on June 24 to launch the UCU Left, an organised progressive platform within the 120,000-strong union, which was formed when the
Emma Murphy, Adelaide Young people today are not just the "future work force" — many of us are already in it, while putting ourselves through uni and often supporting our family. So we know how disempowering and unfair the workplace can be, and


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