The Alliance Against Uranium, a network of Aboriginal and environmental organisations which was formed in 1997, declared after a September 2005 meeting in Quorn, South Australia, that current and future generations have a right to a clean
SYDNEY — On June 27, 57 owner-drivers who deliver beer for the Tooheys brewery company voted to accept a new contract negotiated by the Transport Workers Union (TWU) with Tooheys and transport company Linfox. When it was announced that Linfox
Emma Clancy These three young activists will be special guests at the July 8-10 Resistance national conference in Sydney. Maria Rosa Jimenez, Venezuela Maria Rosa Jimenez is the head of student affairs of the Venezuelan socialist youth
Graham Matthews, Sydney Workers employed at the Esselte stationary warehouse in Sydney's south-west suburb of Minto have been "offered" individual contracts (AWAs) that would give them a pay rise of $47, but cut 18 allowances they currently enjoy,
Australian peace activist Ciaron O'Reilly is awaiting his third trial in Dublin in July, on charges arising from the disabling of a US warplane en route to Iraq at Shannon Airport in February 2003. He is one of five activists charged, the other four
Emma Clancy, Sydney Radical young activists from around Australia will be converging on Sydney from July 8-10 for three days of political discussion and campaign planning at the 35th Resistance national conference, themed "Unfuck the world:
Graham Matthews Following the successful June 28 protest called by the ACTU, many unionists are calling for nationally organised industrial action to intensify the struggle against Work Choices. "The time's now come to hit the grass for 24", Ian
On July 2, elections for a constituent assembly and a referendum on regional autonomy were held in Bolivia. A week earlier, Pablo Stefanoni spoke with President Evo Morales about the new assembly and Morales's first five months in government. The
Eva Cheng There has been a wave of support within India and internationally to an the appeal for solidarity by the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist Liberation) against the recent persecution of its general secretary, Dipankar
Long-time activist and national secretary of the All India Progressive Women's Association Ajanta Lohit was diagnosed recently with liver cancer after suffering from breast cancer since 2001. Chemotherapy has begun with the support of impoverished
Message Stick: Broken Borders — What impact is urbanisation having on Indigenous Australians and what does this mean for the future of Aboriginality? ABC, Friday, July 7, 6pm. Inside the Orange Revolution — Focuses on individuals' stories
'Honour': crimes, paradigms, and violence against womenEdited by Lyn Welchman and Sara HossainSpinifex Press, Melbourne, 2005$39.95 (pb) REVIEW BY FRANCIE CAMPBELL 'Honour' is an informative collection of 16 essays on the theme of "honour