A blend of echoes


A blend of echoes

Echoes Under the Bridge: new world music from BEMAC
Reviewed by Robyn Marshall

This is a new CD from BEMAC, Brisbane's ethnic music centre, the result of a residency and workshops led by Lindsey Pollak over a four-month period.

The music is very surprising, an innovative blend of traditional and modern instruments. Four new cross-cultural groups were formed out of the experience: Orixa, Moitree, Encuentro and Omoyo Gua.

The instruments and musicians come from many countries — from India, Japan, Latin America, Greece, Angola, Hungary — as well as Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal performers.

It would seem that such a hotchpotch of traditions, ancient and new instruments invented for the occasion couldn't possibly work, but it does, marvellously. The music is extremely lively and vibrant, a real reflection of the creativity of our multicultural society.

The name, Echoes Under the Bridge, refers to the Storey Bridge, a landmark of Brisbane, under which BEMAC holds its popular monthly concerts. The CD can be obtained from Sandstock Music, PO Box 557, Charlestown NSW 2290, or phone 049 548 379.