You're in safe hands By John Queripel MANILA — In a bizarre case, police senior superintendent Teodorico Viduya has been charged with killing another officer, chief inspector Rocky Victoria, in Santa Lucia, Pasig, Metro Manila. The
Plutonium waste to pass through Australian waters By Lisa Renfrey Greenpeace, the Tasmanian Greens and Greens (WA) Senator Dee Margetts are calling on the federal government to oppose a shipment of high level plutonium waste passing through
Trust me "I accept that I will never be leader of the Liberal Party again. It is out of the question." — John Howard in May 1994. Except from the leader "In the future I don't think that the party should tolerate outbursts which are
How to win the woodchip battle There's no doubt that the extent of the outrage over the government's woodchip licence decision will force the ALP to come up with a range of "compromises" aimed at the green movement in the lead-up to the next
By Helen Jarvis PHNOM PENH — "Time's up for the Khmer Rouge" was the title of a talk given by Tuon Chay, governor of Siem Reap, at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Cambodia on January 4. Chay, who is running the program to seek
By Stephen Marks HAVANA — 1995 has been declared the International Year of Jos‚ Mart¡ and October 8 the possible date of a World Day in Solidarity with Cuba. These were among proposals adopted by the plenary session of the World Conference in
Privatisation pays off By John Queripel MANILA — Philippine government-owned oil company Petron was recently privatised. If you've ever thought a government-owned company was underpriced when privatised, here was your example par
By Alex Bainbridge — Several unions have threatened to withdraw election funding to the ALP head office unless it agrees to hold a rank and file preselection ballot for the seat of Peats, on the central coast of NSW. Peats became vacant
We in that factory we were getting tired of the wrong expression we were thinking if the moon is the same and the heat of the sun is still on why are only the bosses and their servants laughing and singing their songs. We, like any man in
Suffrage and Beyond: International Feminist Perspectives Edited by Caroline Daley and Melanie Nolan Pluto Press, 1994. 368 pp. Reviewed by Bernie Brian All of the articles in this collection were first presented at the "Suffrage and
Actively Radical TV — Knowing precisely what is screening when on Sydney's community television station, CTA, is still a bit of a hit and miss affair. However, the most consistent program is put together by the team from Actively Radical TV. It
ALP and Lenin It is good that Jim McIlroy (GLW 171) has conceded that working in the ALP may be of some use, even if it is to be a "subsidiary tactic". The use of an article written [by Lenin] in 1916 to resolve a tactical question in 1995
Skyrail activists arrested for pot By Zanny Begg BRISBANE — A picket was held outside the parliamentary executive buildings on January 17 to protest against the arrest of Manfred Stephens, an anti-Kuranda Skyrail activist who had
Political journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal is facing execution in the state of Pennsylvania in what could become the most explicitly political legal slaying since the 1953 execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for espionage. Committees for the
Gareth is coming Watch out world — Gareth is coming. Stand up, Australia, because our favoured son is OS and making it big. Does the pope live in the Vatican? You bet! Does a wombat shit in the bush? Uh-huh. Is Gareth Evans the ant's
BRISBANE — For two and a half months, 17 Central American workers, mostly from El Salvador, have been on strike protesting against racial discrimination on the job. Green Left Weekly's ZANNY BEGG spoke to Jorge Rodriguez, Salvador Ramos and Juan


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