Big show of solidarity for justice in Colombia

Glebe, Sydney. Photo: United for Colombia/Australia Facebook

More than 300 Colombian-Australians and supporters organised a solidarity walk on May 9 for the victims of state violence in Colombia.

The First Solidarity Morning Walk, from the Glebe foreshore to a park near the Fish Market was followed by a rally organised by United for Colombia in Australia (UFCA).

Placards in Spanish and English described right-wing Columbian President Duque as a “Liar, killer and oppressor”. Another declared: “No to the [government’s] tax reform. Government is killing us. Colombian lives matter too!” A third said: “Colombian government is a criminal institution!”

The UFCA is making an urgent national and international appeal to force the Colombian government to comply with human rights laws. It is concerned about the lives and safety of those taking part in the protest that have been taking place in Colombia since April 28.

The UCFA is demanding the Colombian government, military and police cease using force and violence against peaceful protesters.