'Bendigo Street' documentary launches crowdfunding campaign

Bendigo Street film
The filmmakers aim to raise $20,000 for the project. Image supplied

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to create a new documentary film covering the 2016 Bendigo Street occupation in inner-city Melbourne.

Filmmaker Jasmine Barzani seeks to raise $20,000 from community donations to make the documentary, Bendigo St, into a feature-length film.

Bendigo Street tells the story of the months-long takeover of 15 empty houses by activists, including the Homeless People’s Union and squatting networks. The houses had been acquired by the Dennis Napthine government to build the East-West Link, which was cancelled by the incoming Labor government.

The occupation lasted from March 30 to November 2, before being attacked by armed police.

To donate, visit: https://documentaryaustralia.com.au/project/bendigo-st-documentary/