Bahrain revolution: February 14th hip hop song


Februrary 14 was "The Day of Rage" against Bahrain's monarchy and dictatorship. As the government shut down radio broadcasters and stopped journalists from reporting on the situation, underground hip-hop artist Elreda wrote a song in dedication to the victims and the continuing protest that was not being broadcast to the western world.

Elreda says he was motivated by Bahrainian citizens overseas to stand up for what they believe in in his song "February 14th".

The song starts:
"Blood splashes Bahrain Labyaka ya Hussein up rise strength February 14th."

The Bahrain population are predominately Shia.

"Anti government replace / the more you kill the more we embrace / can't stop now and erase / no room to negotiate associate / Saudi Arabia tanks as the people being chased."

Saudi Arabia has sent military troops and tanks to support the kalafehas, against a peaceful protest.

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