Babes on the Waves


By Geoff Spencer MELBOURNE — Public radio station PBS FM presents Babes on the Waves — a 24-hour extravaganza of women's music on International Women's Day. Eighteen of PBS's finest women announcers, who excel in the hitherto male-dominated world of radio, will bring their considerable musical knowledge together to produce a vibrant and innovative 24 hours of specialist women's music. The day's programming reveals the depth of women's virtuosity across all musical genres, from hip hop to indie/alternative, from funk and R&B to industrial/hardcore. "Women are no longer content to sit on the fringes of the music industry", said Jane Thomas, PBS women's category coordinator. "International Women's Day is a celebration of our pride of place as Babes on the Waves!" Tune into PBS FM 106.7 from midnight, Friday, March 8.