Australia's war crimes in Afghanistan protested

War crimes protest
Sydney Stop The War Coalition protests Australia's war crimes in Afghanistan. Photo: Peter Boyle

A snap protest on November 23 outside the Australian Department of Defence offices called for the total withdrawal of Australian troops from Afghanistan, full accountability for the war crimes committed (including senior officers and politicians), compensation to the victims of these crimes and an end to the persecution of whistleblowers and journalists who reported the war crimes. It was organised by the Sydney Stop The War Coalition (SSTWC).

The speakers were Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi, Pip Hinman (SSTWC), Denis Doherty (Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition), Nick Deane (Independent and Peaceful Australia Network), Maddy Clarke (Education Officer Sydney University) and Nick Reimer (National Tertiary Education Union activist).

"The perpetrators of these crimes, and their superiors, must be held to account and they must face the full force of the law," Faruqi told the protest.

"Justice has to be served here."