Anti-fascist action at Sydney University

The May 2 action on the University of Sydney.

Racist and fascist groups have graffitied Sydney University. In mid-April, a pro-Le Pen group — supporters of the far right candidate in the French presidential elections for the virulently anti-Muslim, anti-refugee National Front — graffitied the campus.

Then, on April 20, the neo-fascist group, the Antipodean-resistance, sprayed poisonous anti-Jewish messages over campus. It was Adolph Hitler's birthday and they wanted to celebrate by breeding hatred and fear!

An anti-fascist action on May 2 was initiated by the Education Committee of Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association and endorsed by Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance Sydney University Club, Queer Undergraduate Action Collective, Postgraduate Action, Jews Against the Occupation and University of Sydney Women's Collective.

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