Anarchist newspaper launched


Anarchist newspaper launched

By Lynda Hansen

BRISBANE — The Anarchist newspaper was launched here last week. Speakers from the newspaper collective Bernadette Le Goullan, Terry Fisher and Brendan Greenhill expressed enthusiasm about the new project, which is to be printed quarterly.

The first issue includes articles on Bougainville, the recent CJC report on cannabis usage, social ecology and an interesting piece on a proposal to set up an anarchist computer network.

The paper is to be sold by donation at this stage. It is produced by a collective of activists who campaign in various political and social justice struggles.

The editorial expresses a positive vision for the future of anarchist collective thought and emphasises a tradition of collective organisation and struggle "against the state and bosses". The paper is intended to offer a forum for debate at all levels — a sign that anarchists are willing to discuss their theoretical and practical ideas as well as the ideas of others.