A long way to go By Kath Gelber In these days of "post-feminism", you hear many people declare that women are no longer oppressed. That's all old hat after the second wave of feminism, they say, and if you still hold to those
Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City ABC-TV, Sundays Reviewed by Dave Riley Would you give up your Sunday movie for a soap? Next time the ratings are published it will be interesting to find out how many do, because Tales of the
Searching for Bobby Fischer Paramount Pictures Starring Ben Kingsley Dendy Theatre, Sydney Late October Reviewed by Frank Noakes A film woven around the game of chess? Don't be fooled. Film titles and even subject
Corrective Services imprisoned By Janet Parker SYDNEY — Employees of the Department of Corrective Services here were imprisoned for an hour by demonstrators barring the entrance to their offices on September 30. The protest,
Spider and Rose, Written and directed by Bill Bennett Starring Ruth Cracknell, Simon Bossell and Max Cullen Reviewed by Pip Hinman When Ruth Cracknell was asked to describe Spider and Rose, she said she didn't really know
Ignoring lessons By Sid Spindler The Kennett government is ignoring the lessons of overseas countries in building more roads at the expense of public transport. In Los Angeles, drivers inch along 12-lane expressways.
By Frank Enright "The Keating government has compromised the delicate peace negotiations between the Bougainville Interim Government [BIG], the Bougainville Revolutionary Army [BRA] and the Papua New Guinea government", according to the
By Dave Riley BRISBANE — Anti-freeway mobilisations here have shaken the state Labor government. In the series of rallies generated from among anti-freeway activists, more than 12,000 people have registered their active opposition to the
By Jennifer Thompson As Indian authorities struggled with an epidemic of pneumonic plague, prostitutes in New Delhi told a reporter that their business continued even while schools and cinemas were being shut. "We were told once that
On October 6 in New York, Indonesian foreign minister Ali Alatas met for the first time with representatives of the East Timorese resistance: Jose Ramos Horta of the National Council of Maubere Resistance (CNRM), Joao Carrascalao of the Timorese
By Tim E. Stewart DARWIN — Challenging the daily terror of Murdoch headlines, a group of locals have embarked on an ambition media project. They are setting up a community-based paper in direct opposition to the sex, law and order of
The Chris Hani memorial tour visited Australia from September 26 to October 6 to give a first-hand account of developments in South Africa. The delegation consisted of Charles Nqakula, general secretary of the South African Communist Party and member
By Penny Farrow ADELAIDE — Red Shed Theatre Company is an artist-driven collective originally formed by graduates of the Flinders University Drama Centre. The company is committed to producing innovative, new Australian work of
Agent Orange It is past time that the deadly effects of the herbicide Agent Orange, used as a defoliant in the Vietnam War, are officially recognised. The legal decision last week to grant compensation to Australian Vietnam War veterans
By Pip Hunter SYDNEY — "Historically, it has been easy to discuss class and race in the South African context. But the discussion on gender has been undermined or subsumed", Thenjiwe Mthintso, an African National Congress member of
US to back Three Gorges Dam? A coalition of 15 environmental, development, church and human rights organisations has called on the Clinton administration to oppose the construction of the massive Three Gorges Dam planned for China's


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