Activist misses out on award


A Students Against the Pulp Mill organiser, Gabby Forward, was a finalist in the "Junior Hero" category of's Green Awards. Announcing the winner on September 23, presenter Axle Whitehead described it as "the hardest category to judge".

Yet despite receiving 57% of the readers' vote, Forward, who has played a leading role in organising young people to protest against Gunns pulp mill, did not receive the award. Instead, Alastair, Freya and Imogen Wadlow and their environmental website won, with just 7% of the vote.

This is not to dispute the wonderful effort the Wadlows have put into saving the planet, but it does beg the question: What is the point of voting in a poll to select our junior green hero, when News Limited is going to tell us who it thinks is the best environmentalist anyway?

The corporate media outlet rewarded a website focussing on individual lifestyle change — which does not challenge big business — instead of drawing attention to a mass movement aimed at stopping a corporate juggernaut like Gunns and its dirty pulp mill.