Rogue Economics: Capitalism’s New Reality
By Loretta Napoleoni
Allen & Unwin, 2008
292 pages, $29.95 (pb)
After much debate, mounting pressure from the Catholic Church and attempted legislative amendments, the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Bill was passed unamended by the Victorian Upper House on October 10.
The October 8 article below is reprinted from
Many people are understandably frustrated when they try to make sense of the world financial crisis based on what they read in mainstream newspapers.
Peru’s entire cabinet tendered their resignations to President Alan Garcia on October 9 in the wake of a corruption scandal involving kickbacks in return for oil contracts.
“Meltdown” is a word that one hears a lot on the news these days.
Miranda Devine is usually the first to turn a ridiculous right-wing rant into a newspaper column.
The next move, presumably, will be to nationalise the country’s gambling debts.
Green Left Weekly is launching a campaign for an extra 350 subscriptions before the end of 2008. Every new subscription helps build a people-powered movement for change and you can help us!
There has been intense media speculation on the fate of New South Wales infrastructure plans following the “discovery” of a supposed $20 billion dollar “black hole” in the NSW budget, announced by departing treasurer Michael Costa on September 5.
Looking back on the political movements of the ’60s and ’70s is now a fairly well trodden path in the form of fiction, history and memoirs alike.
The campaign against the jailing of tramways union leader Clarrie O’Shea, in Melbourne in May 1969, for refusing to pay fines imposed under the infamous anti-union penal powers of the time is rich with lessons for today’s campaign against the Australian Building and Construction Commission’s (ABCC) witch hunt of construction unionists.
Britain’s most senior military commander in Afghanistan, Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith, told the British media about the US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan that “We are not going to win this war”.
Noel Washington, vice-president of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) Victorian branch, has been charged by the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner with new offences under the Building and Construction Industry Improvement Act.
The following article is based on a speech Resistance member Kimberly Yu gave to an October 4 rally in Melbourne.
On October 8, around 500 workplace delegates and occupational health and safety representatives attended a meeting called by the Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC).


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