Action updates


Action updates

Rally for refugee rights

BRISBANE — More than 150 people marched to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs after a refugees' rights rally in Suncorp Metway Park on September 22.

The rally opposed Liberal/Labor bipartisan support for legislation to further erode the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. The rally also opposed US plans to launch a war of retaliation for the recent attack on the United States and the scapegoating of Arabs and Muslims.

Solidarity with Afghan refugees

DARWIN — On September 21, supporters met outside the department of immigration to express solidarity with those leaving for a protest at the Woomera detention centre in outback South Australia. The gathering also opposed the building of a new detention centre in Darwin.

Protesters also opposed the increased hostility being directed towards refugees from Afghanistan since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

War is no solution

PARRAMATTA — Thirty people crammed into the Parramatta Resistance Centre on September 19 to discuss the political situation in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in the US. The meeting was called by the Parramatta-Reid Socialist Alliance.

Speakers included Muzafar Abdullah from the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq, Sari Kassis from the Palestine Human Rights Campaign and Socialist Alliance candidate for Reid, Lisa Macdonald.

"The real antidote to terrorism is for the US and its allies, including Australia, to reverse their exploitation and oppression in the Third World", said Macdonald.

The Parramatta-Reid Socialist Alliance will organise a march through Auburn on October 20 under the banner, "Refugees are welcome; no to war".

Asylum seeker policy condemned

WOLLONGONG — More than 100 staff and students packed a lecture theatre at Wollongong University on September 20 to discuss the treatment of asylum seekers by the Australian government. The public meeting was the first organised by the Illawarra Refugee Action Collective.

John Minns, a lecturer in history and politics, delivered a passionate speech dispelling myths surrounding the issue. "Despite what the media claims, asylum seekers are not 'illegal'. They have a right to have their cases assessed under international and Australian law. Nor are they 'potential terrorists'. They are fleeing from the very repressive regimes being accused of terrorism", he said.

IRAC currently meets Thursdays in the Glasshouse, Wollongong University, at 6.30pm. Phone John Minns on 4221 4385 for more information.