The United States regards seven states and 29 organisations as being officially "terrorist". Here's a selection: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Sudan; Armed Islamic Group (GIA), Algeria; Popular Front for the Liberation of
We inform the entire progressive community of a milestone in the unification of the revolutionary forces in the country. The Partido ng Manggagawang Pilipino (PMP) and the Sosyalistang Partido ng Paggawa (SPP) announce their merger through a
BY ALISON DELLIT The ripples from the Ansett debacle continue to widen. On September 18, the Australian Council of Trade Unions estimated 60,000 jobs — hotel workers, taxi drivers and tourist industry workers — are threatened as a direct
Sarah Peart, spokesperson for the O3 to CHOGM Alliance. The O3 to CHOGM Alliance is organising a blockade of the October 3-6 Commonwealth Business Forum (CBF) in Melbourne. The media spokesperson for the group, Sarah Peart's passion about
Museworthy: Burnt Things eyes widening into screens where animals-run-in-herds, someone shootingthe scene from a helicopter (one is always shot), the split-secondof a blink, and darkness becomes the sort of sleep analogous to death,all we can
BY AHMAD NIMER RAMALLAH — On the night of September 15 at around 4am, I was jolted out of bed by the sound of helicopters hovering over the city. This sound in itself has become rather ubiquitous over the last few months, usually signalling an
BY KAREN FLETCHER BRISBANE — Anti-racist activist Sam Watson is running for the Senate in Queensland as a Socialist Alliance candidate. He is a life-long campaigner for the rights of indigenous people. Green Left Weekly caught up with him to find
and ain't I a woman...: The struggles are interlinked "They are eight, we are six billion!", proclaimed the masses of demonstrators outside the July G8 summit of world leaders in Genoa, Italy. We are living in exciting times — the growth of
BY EVA CHENG Until the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, most mainstream commentators were reluctant to admit that the world was confronting a synchronised new recession. Their tone universally changed after that day: they
BY BEN CASHDAN& DENNIS BRUTUS DURBAN — Whereas Bill Clinton entertained us with his exploits, throwing apologies around liberally afterwards, George Bush junior seems to prefer pre-climactic withdrawal. We are referring of course to the US
BY CHRIS LATHAM PERTH — Anti-racists and refugee rights advocates have rebuffed police threats and special branch investigations following a counter-demonstration they staged against a September 16 rally by a group called Citizens Against Illegal
BY NJONGONKULU NDUNGANE Things have changed dramatically in South Africa since our first democratic elections in 1994. Sadly, we are still deeply affected by apartheid's legacies. Of overarching importance to all the people of South Africa is that
Que sera, sera "It happens all the time. People who are your allies at one time turn out not to be when things change. Unfortunately that's the way of the world." — Robert Korengold, a retired senior US information officer, quoted in an
BY JOHN PERCY Former political prisoner and militant union leader Dita Sari will head the People's Democratic Party of Indonesia's delegation to the second Asia-Pacific International Solidarity Conference, the party has announced. Sari, the
Bank nationalisation As a step towards the objective of bank nationalisation, the Socialist Alliance should campaign for the reopening of banks that have been closed in both city and country. The motive of bank directors is higher profits at the
BY MALIK MIAH SAN FRANCISCO — Some 400 people packed a local church on the evening of September 20 to establish a city-wide anti-war coalition to respond to President George Bush's war against "world terrorism". The "Town Hall Meeting to Stop


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