Action updates


ADELAIDE — Miscellaneous Workers Union members have lifted bans imposed on public hospitals after four weeks of industrial action. Workers have been fighting for a $20 wage increase and a further $48 over the next two years. After threatening a lockout, the Liberal government has been forced into arbitration by the Industrial Relations Commission. The government is now considering contracting out all hospital support services to prevent future action.

  • Twenty activists participated in a bike action on March 15, to draw attention to the Reclaim the Road rally and march on March 18. A contingent of bike riders, which included four bikes with car-size frames and placards attached, took to the streets, slowing down traffic and reclaiming the road for eco-friendly bike riding. Pedestrians and even car drivers responded enthusiastically to the action, which attracted a footpath audience.

MELBOURNE — On March 18, a lively and militant counter-demonstration of 300 people, called at very short notice by the Campaign Against the Nazis (CAN), protested against the presence of 37 members of National Action on the steps of parliament. Police allowed National Action through their lines twice to attack the counter-demonstration; one protester was taken to hospital and received stitches to the head. National Action speakers were drowned out with chants of "Asians are welcome, Nazis are not", "Gay bashers off the streets" and "Nazi scum out of Melbourne". The police finally escorted the Nazis to the railway station.

SYDNEY — Fifty people picketed the entrance of the Regent Hotel on the night of March 14. The action was called by the Community Advisory Committee to protest the visit of the chairperson of British Airways and to highlight the impact of Sydney airport's third runway.

WOLLONGONG — A banner reading "Welcome to Wollongong Uni — Course entrance fee $10,000" was hung over the highway to the university on March 13. The banner drop was staged by the "No Fees for Degrees" campaign to advertise the National Day of Action against fees on March 23.

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