Labor's criminal response By Dave Wright SYDNEY — In a very heavy-handed response to crime in the western suburbs, one ALP parliamentarian seems to want to outdo the Los Angeles Police Department. In a glossy newsletter distributed
By Antonio Paneque Brizuelas RAMSEY CLARK entered the Cuban Red Cross building in Havana, where a shipment of insulin from the US company Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals was handed over in a modest ceremony. The first question put to him when we sat
By Bronwen Beechey MELBOURNE — Despite the Kennett government's recent surprise decision to cut its funding by $20,000, one of Melbourne's oldest alternative theatre companies refuses to give up. In announcing its 1995 season, Melbourne
ACT Greens in federal by-election By Gosta Lynga CANBERRA — The ACT Greens are standing James Warden, environmentalist, historian of politics and writer, as their candidate in the March 25 by-election for the seat of Canberra, formerly
Canadian first nation wins forest protection By Cam Walker The Haisla Nation of central western British Columbia have won a major victory in having a vast area of their traditional homeland permanently protected. The Haisla are the
By Margaret Gleeson ADELAIDE — An amendment to the Metal Trades Federation of Unions' (MTFU) national executive recommendation, which would have set a minimum of 15% for wage increases sought in enterprise agreements, was narrowly defeated at
A teachers' campaign targets minister ADELAIDE — As the SA public school system fights to protect its future, the South Australian Institute of Teachers has called upon education minister Rob Lucas to remember his pre-election promise.
For Mary McNish, secretary of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, the "frightening thing" about the recent escalation in law-and-order hysteria "is that the government sees that it's their right to interfere with the hard-won justice system we've
Green Left Weekly recently received a very welcome donation from the Homeland Community in northern NSW. The community sent a cheque for $212.40, with a little note, offering the donation as a "tithe for your worthy paper". We would like to express
By Liang Guosheng "We have advanced technology as well as experienced construction teams. The difficulty is how to resettle over 1.2 million evacuees." So runs a remark attributed to Chinese Premier Li Peng, published in the Chinese Daily


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