Abortion rights protests called

The Cairns Women’s Network (CNW) has endorsed a planned national day of action for abortion rights on October 9.

“We do not understand why a section of the Qld Criminal Code from 1899 is being used to bring charges against a young Cairns couple in 2010”, said Dr Carole Ford from the Cairns Women’s Network. “All people who respect a woman’s right to control her own fertility should support repeal of these archaic laws.”

Ford said the CNW was planning a peaceful vigil in Cairns beginning on October 11.

The CNW is a member of Pro Choice Queensland, a state-wide body of organisations and individuals that support the repeal of the anti-abortion sections of the Qld Criminal code. Members include family planning, public health and women’s organisations, as well as student and trade unions.

The Central and Southern Queensland branch of the Australian Services Union (ASU) has announced it will affiliate to Pro Choice Queensland.