7 ways to (virtually) support refugee rights on Palm Sunday

Photo: Manus To Mantra/Facebook

For the first time in years, we won’t be able to organise mass multicultural and interfaith Palm Sunday rallies and marches for refugee rights.

People seeking asylum and refugees are going to be hit hard by COVID-19, especially as detention centres are hot spots for COVID-19.

It is important we continue to find ways to be active and show solidarity this Palm Sunday on April 5.

Here are seven ways to be active online:

1. Join and share the virtual Palm Sunday rallies:

Palm Sunday refugee messages, 11am EST.

For a Just Future, 1pm AWST.

2. Add a "Free the Refugees" frame to your Facebook profile.

3. Sign and share the petition to release refugees from detention to stop the spread of COVID-19 in immigration detention centres.

4. Sign and share the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre’s petition calling on the federal government to make Centrelink and Medicare available to people seeking asylum and refugees living in the community.

5. Take a photo of yourself holding up a refugee rights sign and use the hashtags #freetherefugees and #justice4refugees to share on social media and email to palmsundayrefugeemessages@gmail.com.

6. Put a sign or banner out the front of your house or in a window.

7. Make a 1 minute video of yourself explaining why you support refugee rights and post it to social media.