Video: Anti-war activist warns AUKUS deal undermines nuclear non-proliferation

August 8, 2022

The AUKUS nuclear submarine deal undermines nuclear non-proliferation, warned anti-war activist Nick Deane, representing the Sydney Anti-AUKUS Coalition at the Sydney Hiroshima Day rally on August 6. He called on the Australian government axe the deal and the billions saved should be reallocated to environment and social needs.

“There is one very real threat to our security — and it is not China! I am talking about the climate crisis of which we have just begun to feel the first ripples of … It demands our attention but instead, as a nation, we are distracted and our resources are diverted into the senseless and destructive business (and it is a business) of preparing for war.

“With the climate crisis looming, it makes no sense at all for Australia to be increasing defence expenditure and procuring nuclear-powered submarines.

“The Australian people rejected any nuclear industry long ago, understanding the connection between it and the proliferation of nuclear weaponry.

“Rather than taking the lead — as it should — in promoting peace and doing what to can to reduce nuclear proliferation, Australia is now rushing 180º in the wrong direction, rushing to join the nuclear club."