Sudan Update April 27

As part of Green Left's coverage of the unfolding situation in Sudan we are sharing (with permission) this discussion between three Sudanese-Australian women about the situation on the ground, the background to the conflict and a few things the Australian government can do right now to support the people of Sudan, which include:

  • To extend the visas of Sudanese who are here on visiting visas, because there is no way for them to go back
  • Open the way for humanitarian visas for Sudanese who are able to flee the war
  • Updates on what's happening for the Australian Sudanese who are in Sudan right now
  • We need the Australian government to act on evacuating Sudanese Australians who are stuck in Sudan right now
  • The Australian government must apply all possible pressure on the warmongers for a ceasefire — even for a few hours a day — so that people can get food, water, get to hospitals, if needed, and to open humanitarian corridors to provide humanitaran assistance
  • We need to get medicines into Sudan. Any plane flying to Sudan, any ship needs to take medicines. There is a lack of basic things like panadol and bandaids, all the way to cancer treatments.