Green Left Show #9: ALP Conference: Zionism and climate betrayal

The Green Left Show episode 9 focuses on the recent ALP special policy conference which was notable for abandoning 2030 climate targets while supporting coal and gas exports. The conference also supported recognition of Palestinian statehood while also reaffirming support for the Zionist (and Apartheid) Israeli state.

Guests Sam Wainwright (Socialist Alliance councillor) and Vivienne Porzsolt (Jews Against the Occupation) discuss the issues.

Topics covered in this episode include: [3:33] On the WA state election ; [7:40] Meaning for federal ALP; [12:23] Was Michael Danby censored?; [16:06] International context of anti-Semitism debate; [20:01] How much of a problem is anti-Semitism in Australia today; [25:14] Sam Wainwright on ALP conference on Palestine and China; [32:13] ALP's climate policy; [38:06] Electric vehicles, public transport & cycling; and [43:26] 2030 targets.