Hear from Lilli Barto, Wage Peace Activist, Physics Student and Mark Davis, Lawyer, former Investigative Journalist at SBS.

Stand with Palestinian people on May 13 for a national day of action to mark 75 years since Al Nakba, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forcibly removed from their homes and land.

Come together and be inspired by international film adventures. This free and new short film festival is being held at 107 Project’s South Eveleigh venue from Thursday 27 – Saturday 29 April. Offering four short film sessions, accompanied by the latest insights from this country’s leading social justice and environmental campaigners. 

States are cracking down on peaceful protest and ramping up repression around the world. Australia is not immune. Peaceful protestors are being subjected to anti-democratic, bipartisan anti-protest laws, police brutality, home raids, onerous bail conditions, exorbitant fines and prison. Peaceful protestors are being harassed by police for potentially thinking about protest!

Politics in the Pub returns for 2018 with a discussion on the Australian Republic with Peter FitzSimons.

Ammar Ali Jan

Ammar Ali Jan is general secretary of the anti-capitalist Haqooq-e-Khalq Party in Pakistan. He spoke with Green Left’s Federico Fuentes about growing US-China tensions, its impacts on Pakistan and implications for anti-imperialism in the Global South.

Murdoch, Thatcher, Trump

Good riddance to Rupert Murdoch, but don't hold your breath for any positive change to his massive media empire, writes Sue Bull.


Thai pro-democracy activists say a pervasive culture of impunity exists in Thailand to protect those responsible for enforced disappearances, reports Peter Boyle.

A Yes vote won’t change whose constitution it is; a no vote won’t take the struggle back decades, argues Arrente woman Celeste Liddle.

Suzanne James looks at the NDIS review panel interim report and finds even the people who built the NDIS are still struggling to clearly define all its moving parts.


The Civil Liberties Council affirmed its role of helping anyone who challenges the rich and powerful would continue at its 60th birthday. Rachel Evans reports.

A protest called on the Australian government to break its silence about Turkey's ongoing war on the Kurds and its recent deadly attacks in the south Kurdistan region of Iraq. Peter Boyle reports.

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