Mat Ward

Mat Ward is a journalism postgraduate who has been working as a voluntary subeditor, writer and photographer for Green Left since 2009. His writing has been published by US Socialist Worker, Truthout, Counterpunch, The New York Times eXaminer, Red Wedge and Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal. He also wrote the book 'Real Talk - Aboriginal Rappers Talk About Their Music And Country'

Aboriginal musicians release song in response to abuse of children in detention

Behind Enemy Lines
Provocalz Ft Ancestress
Released August 7, 2016
Free download

On Monday July 25, Australia's ABC Four Corners program broadcast footage of Aboriginal children being abused in detention, bringing to international attention a story that had been largely ignored for years.

"Behind Enemy Lines" is the measured, heartfelt response from Aboriginal rapper Provocalz and Ancestress, a strong Dawson River Murri mother, singer, rapper, writer, poet, actor and visual artist.

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