Protest in Tel Aviv

Decades into the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, massive crowds flooded Israel's streets on Sunday, March 26 for another round of demonstrations against the far-right Benjamin Netanyahu government, reports Jessica Corbett.

XR protest in London

Allan Todd discusses the urgent need to address climate change, as highlighted in the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report, and the upcoming Extinction Rebellion protest in London, calling for system change to tackle climate, social and economic crises.

Protest in France

John Mullen describes the escalating revolt against pensions attacks in France and argues for an indefinite strike to defeat Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron's attack on workers.

Lebanon protests

Hundreds of people in Lebanon staged a protest outside the government headquarters in central Beirut on March 22 in the second consecutive day of protests against the ongoing economic crisis, reports Peoples Dispatch.

Mvuselelo Mkhabela

Mvuselelo Mkhabela, a 21-year-old activist of the Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS), escaped from a hospital after being shot and tortured by the police, reports Peoples Dispatch.

boat washed up on shore

The latest migrant drownings off the Tunisian coast have led to further scrutiny of Tunisia’s treatment of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, reports People's Dispatch/Globetrotter News Service.

Cuban Family Code

Natalia Marques spoke to young activists in Cuba to find out how the new law was won through grassroots dialogue.

Protest in Greece

Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of cities and towns across Greece on March 17 to protest the government's handling of last month's Tempi railway disaster and the capitalist system that puts profits before people, reports Brett Wilkins.

March on Washington

Rohima Miah reports from Washington DC that on the 20th anniversary of the United States invasion of Iraq, thousands of peace and antiwar activists rallied in the nation's capital under the banner Fund People's Needs, Not the War Machine!

Marko Bojcun

When Ukrainian writer, teacher and activist Marko Bojcun died in England on March 11, an important link snapped in the chain of struggle for the Ukrainian people’s social and national emancipation, writes Dick Nichols

There has been a flurry of visits by United States' officials to the Pacific over the past year in a bid to shore up imperial hegemony in the region. Binoy Kampmark reports.

A new report documents the ongoing human, social, economic and environmental toll of the Iraq war, reports Brett Wilkins.

French president Emmanuel Macron’s government narrowly survived a no-confidence motion over his decree enforcing the attack on pensions, reports John Mullen.


Hoyam Abbas, from the United Sudanese Revolutionary Forces Abroad, talks about the current stage of Sudan's democratic revolution against military rule.

British asylum bill

Britain’s Illegal Migration Bill is bankrupt, unprincipled and modelled on Australia’s cruel refugee policy, writes Binoy Kampmark.

French President Emmanuel Macron has decided at the last moment to impose his pension bill by decree, reports John Mullen.


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