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Cairns musos call for Abbott's head

“Down The Abbott Hole”
By Zelda Grimshaw
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A group of musicians in Cairns, Queensland, have released a song controversially calling for the head of Tony Abbott.

“Down the Abbott Hole” refers to Abbott’s Australia as a bleak and sterile environment, in which fear reigns over logic, and the atmosphere is “cold as ice, black as coal”. The song can be streamed online and was being played by radio stations all over the country just hours after its release.

Grrl Fest prepares for third year

Grrl Fest is an independent multi-platform music and arts event, celebrating and empowering women-identified artists. This year, the Melbourne event will be celebrating its third year.

Grrl Fest will be held on March 21 at the Northcote Town Hall.

There will be an outdoor venue, markets, music, workshops, cocktails and cabaret. The venue is a change up from the dusty warehouse beginnings of Grrl Fest.

Good news (for a change)


Baby Ferouz Myuddin and his family have been released from detention in Darwin. Ferouz was born in Brisbane two months after his Rohingya parents arrived on Christmas Island seeking asylum. The family have been involved in a long-running legal battle with the government over whether the boy could apply for a protection visa as he was born in Australia. The government argued that he could not because he was an unauthorised maritime arrival and the Federal Court agreed.

Pride Parade float highlights queer refugee persecution on Manus Island

Refugee activists organised a float in the Perth pride parade on November 23 to raise awareness of the discrimination queer refugees face on Manus Island.

About 50 people took part in the float, dressed as prison guards and detainees in bright orange jumpsuits.

The float was organised by an alliance of queer activists and refugee advocates, and attracted a broad group of people.

Refugees living in detention on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea face a possible 14-year prison term if they disclose they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex.

The Case Against 8 film screening

A behind-the-scenes look inside the historic case to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage (Proposition 8). The film also follows the plaintiffs, two gay couples who find their families at the center of the same-sex marriage controversy. It also profiles the unlikely pairing of the men who spearheaded the Perry vs S: Ted Olson and David Boies, political foes who last faced off as opposing attorneys in Bush v. Gore. Five years in the making, this is the story of how they took the first federal marriage equality lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Event date: 
Mon, 01/12/2014 - 7:00pm
Event time: 
Mon, 01/12/2014 - 7:00pm

Leslie Feinberg — a communist who revolutionised transgender rights

Leslie Feinberg, who identified as an anti-racist white, working-class, secular Jewish, transgender, lesbian, female, revolutionary communist, died on November 15, aged 65.

She succumbed to complications from multiple tick-borne co-infections, including Lyme disease, babeisiosis and Protomyxzoa rheumatica, after decades of illness.

She died at home in Syracuse, New York. Her partner and spouse of 22 years, I was at her side. Her last words were: “Hasten the revolution! Remember me as a revolutionary communist.”

End Queer Lockdown on Manus Island - PRIDE parade float

Join Members of the Queer Community in WA and our allies to raise awareness about the treatment of GBT Asylum Seekers on Manus Island by the Australian Government.

Meet Perth Activist Centre, 15/5 Aberdeen St, Perth (next to McIver station) to prepare for the evening parade

Event date: 
Sat, 22/11/2014 - 6:00pm
Event time: 
Sat, 22/11/2014 - 6:00pm

Rally for Marriage Equality and LGBTI Rights

Oppose the discriminatory ban on marriage & support the rights of all LGBTI people. Stand up for full marriage equality, transgender rights and the rights of LGBTI refugees.

Murray St Mall, Perth city.

Organised by Equal Love WA

Event date: 
Sat, 22/11/2014 - 1:00pm
Event time: 
Sat, 22/11/2014 - 1:00pm

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Pitt Street Uniting Church, 264 Pitt Street, Sydney.
This is a special day for the Transgender community, to come together and unite with our Allies, to remember the lives of Transgender identified individuals who have died as result of transphobia, or the hatred or fear of transgender and gender non-conforming people, and acts as a day to bring attention to the continued violence endured by the transgender community.

Event date: 
Thu, 20/11/2014 - 6:30pm

Queer class struggle hits the big screen with pride

Directed by Matthew Warchus
Written by Stephen Beresford
Starring Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West & Ben Schnetzer
In Australian cinemas now

If you haven't seen the recently released Pride yet, you need to get to a cinema. It'll moisten your eyes, swell your heart, make you tap your feet and inspire you to join the next pride parade.

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