More than 2,000 civilians were slaughtered by Sri Lankan Army shelling on the night of May 9, Tamilnet.com reported.
The article below is abridged from a May 7 Inter-Press Service report.
Domestic violence support centres in Alice Springs are in desperate need of funds to meet demand.
“The country is not going to sink. Despite the world economic crisis, we will keep advancing in social and human development”, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said, inaugurating a new pharmaceutical plant at Las Adjuntas, Caracas, on May 3. He was speaking on his weekly TV program Alo Presidente.
When it comes to reporting on the situation for the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka, with no reporters on the ground to witness the Sri Lankan Army’s carnage, newspapers like the Melbourne Age and the Sydney Morning Herald suddenly discover “reliable information” on what the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are up to!
“We ask the Afghan government to force the American forces to leave Afghanistan. They kill more civilians than Taliban”, an angry Haji Nangyalai told AFP on May 7 at a demonstration outside government offices in the western town of Farah.
Scuffles broke out in Parramatta mall on May 5 as police and Lord Mayor Tony Issa forcibly shut down a Tamil hunger strike protesting the Sri Lankan government’s genocide of the Tamil people.
The statement below was released by the International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran. For more information, contact info@workers-iran.org or alliance@workers-iran.org. Visit the site of Solidarity Committee with Iranian Workers-Australia, at www.unionkar.com.
The article below is abridged from a May 6 Tamilnet.com report.
The following motion was passed by Students for Palestine (University of Western Sydney) on May 6.
Motorola, Caterpillar, Veolia, the Tesco supermarket chain, and other companies across the world that do business with Israel are suffering losses due to a global boycott in support of Palestinian rights.
The article below is reprinted from a May 5 Tamilnet.com report.
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