With the government's control of both houses of parliament now confirmed, the Coalition is triumphantly promoting its plans for far-reaching "reform". The attacks are likely to come thick and fast over the next 12 months and we need to be ready to
The Coalition government presents itself as the champion of families. Its election manifesto stated: "Strong families are the bedrock of society. A supportive family is the greatest source of emotional stability and social development anyone
As the US election approached, Meredith Kolodner looked at the state of the anti-war struggle in the US for Socialist Worker, the paper of the US International socialist Organization. As the media focuses on questions of judgment, and politicians
Matt Harris, Perth Many University of Western Australia students have been left wondering what the Student Guild actually means by its slogan "your guild, your voice" following the events of October 26. At an ordinary general meeting that day,
James J. Brittain For more than four decades, Colombia has been in the grip of a civil war between the people and the state. Through this time, the state has capitalised on laws and decrees that have enabled the formation of paramilitary forces.
Norm Dixon In recent weeks, scientists have released two separate findings that indicate the consequences of global warming due to the emission of "greenhouse gases" — primarily carbon dioxide (CO2) from the industrial burning of fossil fuels —
Sue Bolton The ALP is preparing a further shift to the right, at the same time as trade unions are working out how to deal with the re-elected Coalition government's impending assault on them. As part of preparing Labor shift further to the
Peter Boyle The ALP's post-election flight to the right continues with the new shadow cabinet's review of leader Mark Latham's pre-election promise to withdraw Australian troops from Iraq. According to the October 29 Sydney Morning Herald, the
Refugees The Canberra Convergence on November 16 sounds fantastic. Some people question the purpose of demonstrations. They do not know the pressure they constitute, or the terrific buzz and morale lift for all involved. One stateless asylum
Alex Miller There have been renewed calls for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq after it was announced that 850 personnel from the Scottish Black Watch regiment are to be moved from the relative security of Basra in southern Iraq to Hilla,
Sarah Stephen &Roberto Jorquera, Sydney Labor's newly appointed shadow immigration minister, Laurie Ferguson, told the October 28 Melbourne Age that he was a "bit sick of being lectured to by people". He claimed that refugee advocates were "usually
Bin Laden in the Suburbs: Criminalising the Arab Other Scott Poynting, Greg Noble, Paul Tabar, and Jock CollinsSydney Institute of Criminology, 2004352 pages, $45, (pb) Bin Laden in the Suburbs argues that we are witnessing the emergence of the
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