By Chris Spindler SYDNEY — Standing in the seat of Marrickville in the NSW state elections for the Democratic Socialists is prominent women's activist Karen Fletcher. Fletcher was centrally involved in the International Women's Day organising
By Renfrey Clarke MOSCOW — You've got a mountain of highly toxic industrial waste, which can't be reprocessed at a profit. It can be kept from contaminating the environment only if you're prepared to foot a heavy bill. What do you do?
By Jorge Sotirios Tasmania's innovative IHOS Opera returns to Sydney with its much acclaimed production of To Traverse Water. Like its piece of three years ago, Days and Nights with Christ, which dealt with schizophrenia, this production engages

Two years after "Gaza first" comes "Jenin first." Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin staged a public relations coup [in mid-February] when he offered to immediately transfer authority in Jenin to the Palestinian National Authority.

By Tully Bates A ruling by a United States judge has put an end to a 15-year fight against breast implant manufacturers in the United States. The class-action lawsuit has resulted in the biggest product liability settlement in US history. Sixty
St Patrick's Day special: The Chieftains — The Irish folk legends recorded live at the Grand Opera House in Belfast. SBS, Friday, March 17, 12.30pm. Unearthing the Slave Trade — The excavation of sites in New York City have shed new light on
Wearing of the Green — St Patrick's Day is remembered with special folk and choral music. ABC Classic FM, Friday, March 17, 7.05pm. Sunday Concert: Rory McLeod — The multi-instrumental musical nomad brings his politically aware,
Reflections on a debate by Roger Clarke Doug Lorimer (GLW #175) takes me to task for saying that "if the ALP were a capitalist party, there would be no reason for socialists to work inside the ALP". He suggests that I should therefore oppose
Queensland bans safe-sex cards By Bill Mason BRISBANE — The Queensland AIDS Council is considering a challenge to the state chief censor's ruling on March 8 to ban distribution of sexually explicit swap cards on the grounds of obscenity.
Beyond Blood: writings on the lesbian and gay family Louise Wakeling & Margaret Bradstock, eds Blackwattle Press, Sydney, 1995. 151 pp. $14.95 (pb) Reviewed by Kath Gelber Blackwattle Press promotes itself as "Australia's foremost gay and
MELBOURNE — Fifty students from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and other campuses protested at the inauguration of Sam Smorgan (of Smorgan Smallgoods) as chancellor of RMIT on March 10. The rally was part of the preparation for the
East Timor campaign picks up pace By Nick Fredman SYDNEY — The campaign in solidarity with East Timor continued this week with a public meeting and a lively picket against the presence of Indonesian troops in Australia. A meeting