Stories from Green Left News Podcast 25

Activists are celebrating as RMIT has announced it has given up its partnership with Israel’s largest weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems. Kerry Smith reports.

Anti-war and Palestine solidarity activists marched on the 2023 Indo-Pacific Naval Expo to protest the military-industrial complex and Richard Marles' enthusiastic support for it. Peter Boyle reports.

“Today there is shock in the Palestinian community that the Labor government is openly supporting Israel in the war against Gaza,” Palestinian activist Amal Nasser told a public meeting. Jim McIlroy reports.

A large community protest calling for a ceasefire in Israel’s war on Gaza protested the Prime Minister outside his $5000-a-head dinner in Palmerston. Stephen W Enciso reports.

UAW picket

The United Auto Workers (UAW) have made big gains in their industrial campaign against the big car manufacturers in the United States, which will ripple through the US labour movement, reports Malik Miah.

YPJ drives ISIS out of Kobani

Peoples’ Equality and Democracy Party (HEDEP) Women’s Assemblies Speaker Halide Türkoğlu said in Turkey on November 1, World Kobanê Day: 'No power, no tank, no weapon is strong enough' to tear down Rojava's revolution.

The annual Reclaim the Night rally was followed the next day by a conference discussing feminist campaigns organised by the Geelong Women Unionists Network. Jacqueline Kriz reports.

Residents across the inner west showed their support for changes to the New South Wales Local Government Act, which would respect residents views on council demergers. Pip Hinman reports.

Journalists and others have accused the ABC of downplaying the death of Gaza-based freelance journalist Roshdi Sarraj, who was killed by an Israeli airstrike. Elizabeth Bantas reports.

Jewish activists occupied defence minister Richard Marles' office to protest Labor’s support for Israel’s war on Gaza. Sue Bull reports.

Ali Kazak, a former Palestinian ambassador in Australia, has written a stinging open letter to the ABC managing director, criticising its pro-Israel bias in covering the war on Gaza. Kerry Smith reports.

at yeong-hwan bang shrine in Seoul

The death of Bang Yeong-hwan, a South Korean taxi driver and trade unionist, has drawn international attention to the harsh and super-exploitative working conditions suffered in a country with an image as a high-tech, relatively developed and wealthy nation, reports Peter Boyle.