Nouveau Front Populaire (NFP)

Green Left News podcast Ep 44, July 12, 2024

Isaac Nellist and Riley Breen discuss Fatima Payman's decision to resign from Labor over its support for Israel's genocide in Gaza, the recent elections in Britain and France and speak to artist, academic and National Tertiary Education Union member Markela Panegyres about the University of Sydney's draconian Campus Access Policy. 

crowd in the Place de la Republic on July 7

Millions of people are feeling tremendous relief at the French election results, writes John Mullen. But vigilance and mobilisation are required to prevent a victory being turned into a defeat for working people.

two men with French flag in background

The victory of the far right in the first round of elections in France is a severe setback. However the left has also made real advances. John Mullen outlines an anti-capitalist perspective on the deep political crisis in France.

candidate addressing a crowd

While elections are not at the centre of class struggle, the formation of left-wing electoral alliance the New Popular Front has inspired a wider and deeper anti-fascist mobilisation in France, argues John Mullen.

election leaflet in a door

John Mullen argues that anti-capitalists should unite around the new left electoral alliance, Nouveau Front Populaire, while continuing to mobilise in the streets against the far-right.