The Fair Work Commission has ruled in favour of McDonald’s bid to waive overtime rates and set shifts for part-timers under the fast food award, reports Jim McIlroy and Pip Hinman.

The Retail and Fast Food Workers Union's call for WorkSafe to investigate a McDonald’s outlet is gaining support as more workers test positive to COVID-19, reports Kerry Smith.

McDonald’s workers in Britain called for a “McStrike” on May Day to demand three simple things: a £10 an hour minimum wage, the end of zero-hours contracts and the right to unionise,  said.

The strike at two branches of McDonald’s in Britain was “just the start”, Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell said on September 4. Speaking at a rally outside Parliament the day before, the shadow chancellor hailed the striking workers as an “absolute inspiration”.

Workers at the burger giant’s restaurants in Cambridge and Crayford, south-east London, downed aprons in protest at the harassment of workers and the victimisation of union members.

No McDonald’s in Tecoma campaigner Richard Pearson was cleared of the charge of “defacing a public footpath” by a Melbourne Magistrates Court.
Hundreds of people gathered at Federation Square in Melbourne on September 14 to oppose the planned construction of a McDonald’s restaurant opposite a primary school in the Dandenong Ranges town of Tecoma. The demonstration included performances by the Tecoma flash mob and musicians, colourful handmade signs and costumes, passionate speakers, and the launch of a documentary about the campaign, which detailed the events of Tecoma’s ongoing fight against the corporate bullying of McDonald’s over the past year.
About 260 people gathered at a mass meeting in Tecoma on August 11 and vowed to continue to fight against a McDonald’s Restaurant in their town. Demolition of the site began on August 8 but the meeting reaffirmed their determination to maintain a protest on the site. Support for the protest continues to grow. The Victorian branch of the Australian Service Union released a statement on August 10.
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