By Irina Glushchenko and Boris Kagarlitsky MOSCOW — How big a bribe do you have to pay if you want some service performed by an employee of the Moscow mayor's office? Ten per cent of the total value of the business involved. This figure
Striking Indonesians jailed and beaten By Colin Pemul MEDAN — The obstacles which Indonesian workers face in defending their wages and conditions are revealed by events at three factories here earlier this year. The factories, Sanjo
By Jose Gutierrez Every day, in the cities or in the countryside, at places of work, factories, farm cooperatives, schools and marginal communities, Salvadorans gather in small circles for a daily ritual — to tune in to Radio Farabundo
By Laszlo Andor BUDAPEST — As the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development held its assembly here last month, and its leader Jacques Attali pointed out the advantages of the Hungarian path to a free market, one-third of Hungarian
The executive board of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union in the US released the following statement on May 6. We have abridged it slightly. Sunday's White House statement blaming social programs of the 1960s for the Los
Poor vote for British Greens British Green Party national council member Penny Kemp says the party's poor result in the recent national elections was due to a move to the right and an undue concentration on electoral politics. The party lost
By Norm Dixon The Bougainville Interim Government says that the Papua New Guinea Defence Force has begun to commit atrocities following the landing of troops in southern Bougainville's Siwai district on May 9. There are also reports that the
By Sally Low and Peter Annear The resignation of finance minister Andrzej Olechowski again signals the inability of the fractured Polish parliament to form a workable government or adopt an acceptable economic policy in the face of depression and
Granma comments on upheaval HAVANA — In a full-page editorial on May 6, the Cuban newspaper Granma says that while vote-hunting in Miami recently, President Bush predicted social upheavals in Cuba. Bush obviously did not realise, it notes,
NZ Greens endorse Alliance AUCKLAND — Green Party delegates voted by a large majority to formally join the third-party Alliance at a national conference in the city of Nelson. The May 10 vote was 54-11, more than the 75% majority required


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