By Chris Beale Amid the euphoria of pro-democracy parties winning Thailand's elections on September 13, there was a chill feeling of deja vu. Unstable civilian governments have been one of the Thai military's most used excuses for staging
By Norm Dixon The Australian government has "blood on its hands", Moses Havini, Australian representative of the Bougainville Interim Government, said in response to the lethal September 12 raid on Komaliae, a Solomon Islands village, by
'Morning Star' relaunched By Frank Noakes BLACKPOOL — Britain's only alternative daily paper, the Morning Star, was relaunched here on September 9, at the annual Trade Union Congress. The newspaper has been in production for over 60
Nicaragua changes police chiefs amid US pressure MANAGUA — The Nicaraguan government has embarked on a series of changes within the national police force amid mounting pressure from the United States and official anger at what is seen as
By Louise Christian In Turkey's Kurdish areas, more than five people die every day (nearly 2000 so far this year) as security forces continue their indiscriminate spree of extrajudicial killings, torture and repression. Locals describe the
By Norm Dixon Essop Pahad, 54, first became politically active in the Transvaal Indian Congress in the late 1950s and was elected to its executive in the early 1960s, after which he was detained and then banned. He is a member of the Central
New report on Dili massacre LISBON — A new report demonstrates that the death toll in the November 12, 1991, massacre of civilians in Dili greatly exceeded the Indonesian government's claim of 50 killed and 90 "missing". The report,
An emergency situation continues in the regions of Nicaragua devastated by a tidal wave on September 2, according to reports from the Augusto Cesar Sandino Foundation (FACS). Thirty-seven communities and villages, and 16,913 people, were
Thousands of Guatemalan refugees in Mexico are thinking of returning home. MIKE KAY reports from Guatemala. In 1981 the military regime of General Lucas Garcia began what was, even by Guatemalan standards, an incredibly brutal counterinsurgency
By Susan Price and Sean Malloy Joss Debrecery is a member of the New Zealand NewLabour Party and a student at Otago university. During a recent visit to Australia, Joss attended the Resistance national conference in Melbourne and the Students,


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