Socialist councillor Sam Wainwright speaking at Perth Egyptian democracy rally


It may not be as everyone thinks that the slow decline of U.S. imperialism began in the jungles of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, but also in Latina America. Che Guevara did not die on that fateful day in December 1967 in that abandined schooLhouse in northern Bolivia for nothing. His was a dream to set the fire of freedom that would engulf the whole world in a freedom struggle against imperialism. The U.S. answer to the freedom movement in Latin America was contelpro, but this too was simply pushed adise by the forces of socialism in that region. Yes! Cuba was freed from its U.S. oppressors, but there was work to be done and many lives would e lost to achieve the goal.

But there were many in Latin Americam the likes of Chilean General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte who would willingly sell their country for a mess of potage. But then there were others like Chavez, Morales and Zelaya who would oppose U.S. imperialism at every turn. The worse of these traitors to Latin America was Uribe, who not only conspired with the U.S. to overthrow Venezuelan president Chavez but also offered them bases that they could use to invade Venezuela when they so desired.

The U.S. satrap in Tunisian Ben Ali fled when the populace rose against his longtime U.S. protected dictatorship. The next U.S. satrap to fall was Hosni Mubarak, and as the cards fall, the end of the would-be U.S. empire built upon the enslavement of other peoples is coming to an abrupt end in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Yes! The free people of the world can now sing "Yankee Doodle DUMMY!" That is quite a change from the servitude of yesteryear, is it not so?/

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