Activists lock-on to NSW state parliament


A couple of hundred people rallied outside NSW parliament house and several dozen locked onto its fence in an action advertised as The World's Biggest Lock-on.

The rally was called in opposition to the recently passed anti-protest law that carries up to seven years' in jail for “unlawful protest” — such as blockading a CSG drill site.

The Knitting Nannas were out in force, locking on to parliament with yellow and black "knitted chains". There were speakers from a range of campaigns including stop WestConnex and the Pilliga Push.

Activists then occupied the entrance to parliament house chanting "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty".

Aboriginal activist Elizabeth Jarrett performed a poem and read out a statement from Uncle Ken Canning: "Premier Mike Baird should listen to the honest people in the community instead of listening to people found to be corrupt at ICAC hearings. Under these new laws, maybe he could be charged with consorting."

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