Anti-Semitic leaflet branded 'disgusting'

Jews Against the Occupation released this statement on August 27.


"The anti-Semitic leaflet is disgusting" said Vivienne Porzsolt of Jews Against the Occupation.

"It replicates the ancient shibboleths of traditional European hatred of Jews which has no place in a modern democracy.

"At the same time, this is clearly a puerile effort produced with minimal resources and skill by some marginal bigot and should not be exaggerated in its significance."

The context in which this filth erupts is not accidental. The brutal oppression and violence which the state of Israel inflicts on the Palestinian people, and specifically the recent onslaught on Gaza, provide ample fodder for those who are disposed to racism and anti-Semitism.

This is because the state of Israel claims to be the state of the Jews.

The official Jewish leadership continually defends Israel's actions, no matter how violent or heinous or in violation of international law. Immense communal pressure is applied to Jews against speaking out according to their conscience.

Jews who challenge Israel are described as "self-hating" and "not real Jews".

When Zionists claim that "Jewish" and "Zionist" mean the same thing, it is not surprising that anger at the state of Israel is directed against all Jews.

This in no way excuses or justifies rabid if crude anti-Semitism as expressed in the recent leaflet. The actions of the state of Israel must not be allowed to be used as cover for this kind of filth.

And if we as Jews claim human rights and freedom from discrimination and vilification, as we have an absolute right to do, we must do that universally, in Israel/Palestine at least as much as in Sydney.

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