Australians protest against right-wing violence in Venezuela

A solidarity action in Sydney on February 19. Photo: Coral Wynter.

Activists have held solidarity actions against right-wing violence in Venezuela in several Australian cities, as part of an international campaign of solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution.

About 20 people rallied outside Sydney Town Hall on February 19. Holding banners and placards expressing support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian revolution, the protesters handed out leaflets explaining to passersby the need to defend the people of Venezuela and their government against extreme right attacks, backed by the US government.

Venezuelan ambassador to Australia Nelson Davila attended the rally and said: "We thank the solidarity groups in Australia for their support. We must try to alert the people of Australia and the world because a coup plot has been activated in Venezuela, orchestrated from the US.

"You can rest assured that the Venezuelan people are on the streets to defend their revolution. We need to develop our international solidarity with the Venezuelan people against these undemocratic attacks."

The rally was sponsored by the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, together with a number of Latin American solidarity groups in Sydney.

In Melbourne, a snap rally was held on February 22 at Trades Hall, followed by an organising meeting to plan out the strategy for future events and future rallies.

The rally was organised by the Latin American Solidarity Network and the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, and endorsed by FMLN, Melbourne; Chilean Solidarity Network, Melbourne; and the Latin American Solidarity Association, La Trobe University.

The Venezuelan Embassy has organised a photo exhibition is in memory of former Venezuelan president Chavez, one year after his death. The exhibition, called "Hugo Chavez: Precursor to a multipolar world," is being held from February 28 to March 5, in the Stirrup Gallery, Addison Road Community Centre, 147 Addison Road, Marrickville.