Celebrity watch

April 9, 2013
Ken Loach
Film director Ken Loach on the death of Margaret Thatcher.

A selection of the past week's celebrity news.

Because space for Cultural Dissent articles in the print version of Green Left is limited, this round-up is intended to point to things happening culturally in which Green Left readers might also be interested. It may also give activists a window on popular culture and help engagement with the wider public. However, it may be that Green Left readers do not agree. Please leave comments, here and on social media.

'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead' heading for No 1 in British pop charts following Margaret Thatcher's death http://bit.ly/ZMoiJU

Morrissey Surfs Atop Tsunami Of Anti-Thatcher Sentiment - "A Terror Without An Atom Of Humanity" http://bit.ly/12CBjK8

Thatcher was 'relatively peaceful' compared with other British PMs, says hip-hop producer Agent Of Change http://bit.ly/Yfp6w8

Julia Gillard Cuts Sick On Her Very Own Spotify Playlist http://bit.ly/Xnb6ib

Geri Halliwell Apologizes for Margaret Thatcher Tribute Tweet, Iron Lady Biography Set for Release Following Funeral http://eonli.ne/1499j5r

Brad Paisley Continues to Defend "Accidental Racist": "I Wouldn't Change a Thing" http://eonli.ne/10F9b8W

Jennifer Hudson, Will Smith, Scarlett Johansson Among Stars Asking Obama to Reform Nation's Drug Laws http://eonli.ne/10ENYfk

Political rapper Lupe Fiasco Hit In Face With Glow Stick, Threatens Crowd With Mad Karate Skills http://bit.ly/11Hqsj2

Snoop Lion Says Coming Out as Gay In The Rap World Is Tough http://bit.ly/ZsY326

Chumbawamba finally release their EP recorded in 2005, In Memoriam, Margaret Thatcher (video below) http://bit.ly/ZNeijF

Video: Chumbawamba - In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher. Paul Pott.

Attacks On Emos, Goths And Punks To Be Classified As Hate Crimes In Britain http://bit.ly/16qeGZL

Rolling Stones Endorse Fence Jumping To Avoid Ludicrous Ticket Prices http://bit.ly/XOJQKZ

Roger Waters' New York Gig Canned due to his Israel boycott http://bit.ly/YW9rjW

Madonna Slammed by Malawi President for Flip-Flopping on School Plans http://eonli.ne/10EEd0G

Twitter hashtag #thatcherisdead confuses Cher fans. http://eonli.ne/146ipQz

Katy Perry Visits With Poverty-Stricken Children in Madagascar http://eonli.ne/10AjriN

Meryl Streep Remembers Margaret Thatcher as "Pioneer" for "Women in Politics" http://eonli.ne/10A0Bbw

Jay-Z, Beyoncé Taking Heat for Cuba Trip, Face Investigation by Florida Republicans http://eonli.ne/10yOv2k

Beyoncé launches new Pepsi commercial http://eonli.ne/16z3tb6

Chris Brown and Rihanna Call It Quits, Says Source http://eonli.ne/10zKjiQ

Roger Ebert's Death: Critic's Last Movie Review Published; Anti-Gay Church Group Planning to Picket Funeral http://eonli.ne/145nCrS

Celebrities respond to Thatcher's death on Twitter http://ind.pn/Zk2Fkg

Queen Elizabeth II Receives Honorary BAFTA, Called "Most Memorable Bond Girl Yet" http://eonli.ne/10kCoG5

Prince William's kiss gets rejected by a shy little girl dressed up as a princess. http://eonli.ne/YACKsX

Michelle Obama Accidentally Calls Herself a "Busy Single Mother" http://eonli.ne/10jtHfg

Drew Barrymore Talks Beauty: "Happiness Is the Best Makeup Any Woman Can Wear" http://eonli.ne/10iJA5I

Angelina Jolie Pays Tribute to Malala Yousafzai, Donates $200,000 to Fund Named After Pakistani Student Activist http://eonli.ne/10iFxX4

Rick Ross Tweets Apology for Date-Rape Lyric: "I Don't Condone Rape" http://eonli.ne/13Vy0Cn

Lady Gaga Turned Down $1 Million to Perform at GOP Convention http://eonli.ne/10fQ6Ky

Daddy Yankee Gay Rumors Denied by Singer's Rep http://eonli.ne/10ePO6w

Magic Johnson Supports Gay Son E.J. "a Million Percent," Says "He Wanted to Be Out" http://eonli.ne/10eoCVq

Madonna School Controversy: Malawi Education Minister Says She's Building Classrooms, Not Schools http://eonli.ne/13SmCai

Pippa Middleton Challenges London Mayor Boris Johnson to a Ping-Pong Match http://eonli.ne/109KAJb

Jim Carrey Takes Aim at His Gun-Control Critics Again, Calls Them "Bullies" http://eonli.ne/108MlX2

Johnny Rotten's Sexist Shtick Passes Use-By-Date In Unbearably Awkward Live Interview (video below) http://bit.ly/YKtZfY

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